I have been dedicating to this subject for many years. It is as passionate as well as mysterious, and at the same time, authentic, as the evidences about its existence are growing every moment.

In order to obtain a trans-video experience, it is necessary to be patient with many hours of dedication. A television, and video-camera connected to a VHS video are required. These three machines must be interconnected, and the television aerial disconnected (for the elimination of all television emission signals), providing in this way a locked circuit (the video output must be connected to the video recorder input, and the output of the video recorder connected to the television input). Then, a sequence of lights, shadows and clouds (retroalimentation field) appears on the television screen. It is then possible to achieve more clearness, by turning down the colour until the image appears in grey tones. Also, it is convenient to illuminate the room with an ultraviolet lamp, behind the camera.

At this point, we will record for 10 seconds, realising that in one second, 25 frames are obtained. This represents the analysis of 250 frames (the photographs on the television), and is required much patience and perseverance. Because we spend more time studying the video-tape frame by frame, than the recording.

Actually, it is possible to make a trans-image by employing a computer and a webcam.

It is my wish, (and also of the investigators, scientists and other people dedicated to this study of the survival of physical death) that, being faithful to this work, in a rigorous and scientific way and supported by new technologies, offer a larger and better knowledge about reality of the paranormal world, and its diverse manifestations. And without doubt, through time, the knowledge has been distorted and damaged by unfounded superstition, thereby giving a false image to what really is reality.