Thinkers and philosophers of many times have considered in many moments of their lives the big and enigmatic question about survival of physical death. Nowadays, there are more philosophers, methaphisians, and theologians but also scientists and doctors that observe and study with more interest this question at physic and mathematic levels, based on the “quantum” with a special mention regarding the Ron Pearson Theory (Quantum Physic).

Friedich Jügenson,, Swedish, a famous painter, musician, and film producer, became to be considered the pioneer of the Instrumental Transcommunication ITC, for discovering “casually”, in the 1959, the Electronic Voice Phenomena EVP (tape-recordings on virgin tapes, of human voices, noises, whispers, etc.of unknown origin and also called Trans-audio). Since then he continued working with them, in order to publish his book “Voices from the Universe” –this work also awoke interest in NASA-.

Attracting, in this way, the attention to Hans Brender (German psychologist and Director of the Parapshycologic Department –University from Edimburgh-), at the same time he guided his investigations to obtain another method to reach a communication more exact and precise. But Friedrich died, and the investigator Klaus Schreiber –employee in a insurance company- who established contact in 1985 through trans-video images.

And without forgetting a special mention to Dr. Konstantin Raudive , who continued and promoted the ITC study and investigation. Due to the disappearance of the Schreiber family, he continued the investigations with more dedication, in order to enter in contact with them. One of his daughters (called Karen who dead when she was eighteen years old), guided him to obtain trans-video images of her, using for this purpose a television in black and white.

After many years of study, investigators and scientists, find it each time more improvable to deny this kind of phenomenon. Because the ITC not only use television, but also telephones, faxes, radios and computer texts.. In 1986, the married couple Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach , from Luxemburg, began with the EVP and continued with the incorporation of radios, ultraviolet lights and different equipments, from which they obtained better “communications” with the other side (through a system named “Burton bridge”). This is a parallel universe where the evolution of his entities who were with us and, perhaps from other planets, were designated to continue the transition to other worlds more tenuous, fine, for a larger evolution.

Although it is not complicated to obtain a trans-video experience, it is necessary to take into account that the communication between this level of consciousness and of ours, is carried out by the initiative and will of the entities on the other side. The contacts are at three levels: The first, and in a large majority of times, are introduced like dead people. But, when they are questioned about their origin and location, in that moment they answer vaguely. From what the investigators like

Ernst Sekonsky, Hans Otto König,

François Brune or Sinesio Darnell affirm,

90% of the manifestations correspond to what we call deceased, 6% or 7% say not to be humans (could be spiritual entities or the guardian angels), and finally, there are 3% or 4% that are apparently extraterrestrials. The second, and in a very inferior number in respect to the others, according to contributions and Central-European investigators, are introduced themselves like superior entities that haven´t been and never will be humans. By in this concept, it is to take notice of the commentaries of the priest François Brune, like “high spiritual message”. In U.S.A. there are several investigations in this sense or in relation to the third level, known also as “Cosmovision”.